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The focus of sport, the dedication, drive and determination you need to be a boxer is something that not all would choose as a pathway. Boxing is a sport that gives many a way forward from a life often spent in uncertainty and gives it focus, as well as providing a way for young people to remove themselves from poverty. Critics, however, believe that boxing is barbaric, unacceptably dangerous and should be banned. Whatever your opinion on boxing, It is a sport that fully engages the participant and requires strong will of mind. Capturing people at the moment when they are so engaged in the "doing" that nothing else matters, if only for that moment. 

"I became so disciplined when I was on tag. I would be at home by eight o'clock, and because I had boxing, I lived the disciplined life. I started reading because I learnt that so many champions educated themselves. Joe Louis, Mike Tyson, Bernard Hopkins. Before, it was 'act now, think later' - but the discipline and reading changed me"

 Anthony Joshua 

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